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Political Visual Messaging

Together we can do this

Your support is vital for us to continue to deliver important content

We realise that the demands of everyday life at the moment are challenging for many, making it important to focus political donations on those that will reap the most reward. This makes it very difficult for new players like us to get off the ground. We would ask you to look at our work and the quality of the messaging to date, then ask yourself, if this messaging had a wider audience, could it make a contribution to help defend the Senate and House of Representatives from the Republican challenge? 

Politicsrus is a small account at the moment that grows by the day, but rest assured we DO NOT have small ambitions. The quality of messaging, along with our cinematic visuals, have seen ads like 'Say Something' gain over half a million views. We have become a little like the indie band that to date has remained largely undiscovered. However, when people do find us, that soon changes. The emotional connection we make with our ads is summed up in a handful of the many, many messages we receive in response to them.


As the saying goes 'dynamite comes in little sticks' and we intend to make a bigger impact than our profile would suggest to make Politicsrus a driving force in the 2022 midterms. The last year has enabled us to refine and adjust our approach to message delivery, in a way that appears to be really resonating with those that see it.

Content creation is extraordinarily time consuming if its done well and we at Politicsrus take our messaging really seriously, not just with the visual content, but also the style of messaging we deliver. In our view, you don't have to spend all your time attacking the other guy overtly, it's much better done by calmly pointing out, what they are doing makes little sense, or is damaging to average Americans.

We believe that we have got the tone and the messaging on point so far and are looking forward to refining it more and more as we get closer to the critical midterm challenge. I think by now, you know who we are and the artistry we inject into our work.


Please consider chipping in to help us, help you deliver MORE BLUE IN 2022.


Together we can do this, we just need a helping hand to fund our work so we can grow our presence and make a difference. Everything we have achieved to date has been without the type of budget enjoyed by the likes of, say, The Lincoln Project and Meidas Touch has been able to call upon. The point here is, imagine what we could do if we were properly funded. This isn't just about video messaging, we've created a revolutionary, new, geospatial video messaging system app that you can read more about by clicking here. We want to put together an organization to support Democratic candidates, offering them at cost access, to video content and revolutionary messaging to help drive their campaigns to success. This is NOT a hobby project; it is a sound proposition that with crowd funding could be the birth of a dynamic resource to really move the dial.


You can be part of that, by simply clicking on the Donate button above. For those familiar with, we have also set up a page there too. Simply click here to show your appreciation for what we do. We want this project to be crowd funded for good reason. We believe that you, The People, should be heard and we want to be the driving force behind that voice for change.  If you would like to go a little further than a one off donation, then consider becoming an associate member of the Politicsrus team. You can become a Monthly Patron. Moving forward, this will include an invite to a monthly Zoom with the team, where you can have input into an exclusive video produced from the creative brainstorming at this Zoom meeting. It will also get you access to previews of pre-release videos and exclusive artwork to use in your Tweets to help fight the good fight. There will also be exclusive discounts on upcoming merchandising, from which proceeds will be invested into subsidizing campaigns we collectively choose to support.


We want to make this a team effort in which everyone can play an active part


believe we can help deliver a better, more equitable America if we shout out loud with one Collective Voice to reach those who are the difference between moving forward and stepping back to the 1950s. President Obama said 'Yes we can' and we say 'Now we will'. Please Donate to help make this happen.

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