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Hey there ,

Thanks so much for considering becoming a monthly donor to the Politicsrus Project. You are able to cancel this commitment at any time by simply emailing We will ensure that the payment is cancelled within 24 hours.

We work very hard to produce high quality political visual messaging in support of our mission statement.

Politicsrus is an organisation that supports policy to address climate change and promote Democratic values. In pursuit of a more equitable society, we support racial, social and economic justice. We believe in police reform, a $15 minimum wage and healthcare for all. For us, this is not a liberal wish list, it's a set of attainable goals that can be met in any modern democracy.

We have three options available. Patron 25 ($25 per month),  Patron 50 ($50 per month) and Patron 100 ($100 per month). We accept PayPal or credit cards. 

Thank you once again for your support

Kind regards

Martin McSweeney

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