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Why am I not surprised?

I thought I had seen everything when I watched the debate last week, but little did I know, Donald J Trump had an even better display of reckless stupidity up his sleeve. On so many occasions, I have thought, 'How the hell is he getting away with not becoming infected?' Well, on Thursday, if we are to believe reports, his luck finally ran out and he succumbed to the virus that his abject incompetence, allowed to kill 210,000 Americans.

Whilst it is unclear where he contracted the virus, it would appear that the confirmation event in the Rose Garden of the White House, proved to be a super spreading event for many of his senior staff. It's not until you view the footage of that event, that you witness the arrogance of the administration's approach to Covid safety. It was a classic example of 'It won't happen to me'.. Oddly enough, the virus gives little sway to your status or political persuasion. Everyone is fair game. You roll the dice and put your fate in the lap of the Gods.

210,000 families and friends are all to aware of the consequences of contact with Covid-19. The only difference is, many of them did not have access to the same healthcare. Many of them were infected not because they went to a party, but because they were frontline workers who had no choice but to work and be exposed, in order to ensure the rest of society was able to function. They were the heroes Donald J Trump disrespected on his victory lap to thank the Proud Boys and the like outside Walter Reed hospital.

I keep asking myself, how will history view the events of 2020? I can only assume it will be with a mixture of horror and humour. Horror at the needless loss of life and humour that in the most powerful nation on earth, there were no systems in place to stop a narcissistic, intellectually challenged, morally corrupt man, from trashing the integrity of a nation. They will look at a Republican Party that sold it's soul to the cult of Trump and for what? The 45th President will I suspect, become a stain the United Staes will never be able to remove from its history.

There were many points over this weekend that I had to pause and think, simply because outrage was not enough for what was taking place. I am convinced that Trump will return to the White House (assuming he makes it), triumphant and totally unrepentant for what he has subjected a nation to. Given the chance, rather than use his experience to promote public health messaging, he will resume his Covid parties claiming "The China Virus' is nothing to be too worried about.

Moving back to his current stay at Walter Reed. One thing that is evident is that the controlled messaging, which is effectively attempting to exclude the press from any meaningful facts.

Trump sat behind a desk at Walter Reed, looking as he thinks, like a leader.
Mr Propagandist at work

I want to take this moment to give a big shout out to the press and media, who against a background of obfuscation and disdain from the administration, not to mention, hate and threats from Trump supporters, just keep doing the work of the people, to hold Trump accountable. The recent failure of the White House to inform press, that some members of the administration had tested positive for Covid, was beyond reprehensible. When this is all over a grateful nation will I'm sure give you the credit you deserve.


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