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Politics up close and personal

Greetings friends, I never seem to get time these days to post. If anyone out there knows how to expand a day by about 8 hours, I'm all ears!

Since 2020, I have expended lots of energy, not to mention tens of thousands of dollars self funding my personal campaign to make a small contribution to the preservation of democracy in America. I doubt there is one person out there that can question my commitment to the cause. As a Brit, I have been warmly embraced by the Dem social media activist community and while we may not always see eye to eye on every occasion. One thing I do know, is we all want the same thing. A fairer more equitable society in which everyone has a voice, no child goes to bed hungry, healthcare is a right not a gift bestowed by a company on it's employees, to then be used as economic bondage. We want an America where the top 2% don't rule over the 98% and a society where no family is left behind. No person of color should fear for their life, if they cross the path of law enforcement. Yes it's a big list, but as civil rights activists constantly said, 'Never give up'.

The American people have been in the grip of a virulent cancer at the heart of the legislative process. It paralyses progress, but far more damaging, it prevents the party in power from governing for the good of all Americans. Rarely has it been so evident, that the Republican Party is unfit for office. In any democracy, the will of the people is not optional, it is a binding instruction from the population to govern on their behalf. It is the sacred trust placed in the government of power, to deliver policy that will always represent the best interests of the people. The problem is that the Republican Party never got the memo.

I'm certainly not going to relive history, because we are all too tired to go back and replay the abhorrent behaviour of the GOP after they LOST THE ELECTION. It will just serve to raise our blood pressure and we will gain little from it, other than frustration. What is clear, is the sole purpose of the Republican Party is to do nothing other than create noise, fear and a blizzard of disinformation. They have no platform, no policies and no proposition to present to the American people. Instead, they adopt political insurgency tactics to heighten fear, stoke racism and homophobia, while at the same time, take donations from millions of financially abused cult members. This is who the Republican Party is. What is truly chilling, is they would would unashamedly admit it.

I like to view of myself as a thinker. I'm the guy that takes a step back, looks at the big picture and tries to look ahead to mitigate against potential challenges and obstacles that may stand in the way of progress. One thing that I am in awe of, is the number of organisations manned by volunteers who tirelessly give of their time to support candidates and preserve democracy. There are too many to mention here, but I am honoured to be part of a small number of these groups, who have without exception welcomed me with open arms as a brother.

When I lost my Twitter account in July 2021, I was beyond devastated, but these groups lifted me up, stood behind me and helped me to the position I am in today. I am by no means a big Twitter account, but these people have given me a bigger voice and for that I will be eternally grateful. My involvement in American politics has been a huge education and I have immersed myself in understanding all the moving parts. Whilst every day is a learning process, I feel comfortable providing the daily commentary that I do.

Whilst I am better known for my video content via 'Truth Matters', I am constantly on the lookout to see how I can do more to make a practical difference. I lose track of time, but a little over a month ago, I was approached by a woman with one of the biggest hearts on Twitter, to join what I saw as small collective with an innovative approach to assisting mainly progressive leaning candidates running for state and federal office. The concept of taking new candidates who are getting little or no help, examining their races to look at how assistance can be provided to make them viable candidates, was instantly appealing to me.

Running for public office is never easy and it takes a certain kind of person to do it. Not everyone is cut out for the challenge, but some just jump out and simply have what it takes from the get go. Using a carefully designed assessment process focussed on examining their respective races, provides an opportunity to search out electoral green shoots. By applying the appropriate feed to nurture and encourage them to grow as candidates, this helps deliver good electoral opportunities. We all know that there are no guarantees in politics, but with the right help and support candidates can be given the tools to have a fighting chance.

Finding political talent is so exciting and rewarding. At this early stage of organisational development, we have a long way to go and our ambitions are fuelled by the tireless efforts of a small team, none of whom are rich in anything other than heart, commitment and a desire to help elect talented and committed Dem candidates.

This is a long game project, so in these days of 'I want it and I want it now'. It may not appeal to those looking for instant success. As with all caring parents, our job is to get these candidates to fly the nest and succeed. We have founded Dems For Action because we absolutely believe in the need to preserve democracy at ALL levels of government, federal, state and local. We want every candidate regardless of their funding status or campaign experience, to have equal access to our services. None of our candidates will ever be sent a bill and rather than monetise candidates, we will work to enhance their funding streams, by engaging with advocacy groups, organisations and individuals that share our values.

We have created a web infrastructure to monitor the progress of each candidate and campaign, helping us to efficiently focus resources where they will be most effective. This is all about employing technology behind the scenes to seamlessly integrate into the campaign development process.

We understand the power of media and our candidates have access to our production services, in order to put the final polish on their campaign. This is a unique offering that brings significant value to any campaign. Helping candidates understand the power of video and how to best deliver their message using moving images, is a key component of our services. We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk and are already working with our first candidate on an end to end fully digital campaign. Mixing great imagery, with savvy political messaging to build name recognition and campaign awareness is where we excel. Over the coming months, you will be able to see first hand, how the experienced gained by Truth Matters, in creating nearly 200 political ads, translates into supporting real campaigns.


We have a bold vision that combines media services with social media amplifiers, researchers, writers and policy advocates. Our primary objective is to look at every partner as an opportunity to enhance the services offered to our family of candidates. It’s about identifying a skill set and giving partners an opportunity to shine and make a difference. Every contribution of time and effort adds to the larger objective of delivering services that candidates will come to appreciate, rely on and will hopefully see some of them elected to office.

We place as much value on those amplifying our candidates as the candidates themselves. Amplifiers are the heartbeat of Dems For Action. They pump the message into the bloodstream of social media. Being part of this organisation will help our amplifiers really make a difference with focussed amplification through both policy and campaign messaging.

The political ground game is a vital part of any campaign, but we are aware that there are many passionate Democrats out there with time and commitment to spare, but for various reasons, they are simply unable to participate in door knocking and outdoor ground game activities.

To those Democrats we say, the door is open to join our digital ground game. Think of amplifying a social media post, as knocking on a door. Think of writing a post as chatting with someone in the street. Turn time at home into being part of an insurgent political offensive to defend democracy and help mute the chaos and disinformation delivered daily by the GOP.

If this is something that excites the activist in you? if you’re up to a real challenge in the digital trenches of campaign politics, this could be a great opportunity for you. Nobody is saying it will be easy, but wins will feel all the better for the contribution you made. When we lose, we will dust ourselves off and get ready to fight another day, having learned from the mistakes we made.

I have spent almost a month now working with the Dems For Action team and while we are by no means the finished article, we have constructed a solid foundation to make a valuable contribution to the preservation of democracy.

We are Dems For Action, buckle up, it’s going to be a hell of a ride. Please take a moment to follow the organisation on Twitter @DemsForAction.

If you would like to be part of this exciting new adventure, DM @DemsForAction with a short description of what you could bring to the party and we will get back to you as quickly as we can. We are looking for amplifiers, graphics creatives, writers and researchers. All we ask is that you are a team player with a passion to preserve democracy and work with Dem candidates.


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