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In many ways, this blog is a somewhat daunting challenge. For many years, I have observed politics and world affairs from a respectable distance.. I'm the guy that screams at the TV when I see politicians doing what politicians do best, avoiding the truth and feeding us bs. The only time they reach out is at elections and even then, if you don't live in a marginal or swing seat, you are of little use. I feel passionate when I see injustice, but find myself frustrated at the fact that I can do nothing to change it.

The Covid-19 crisis did two things;

  1. It got me thinking about just how much I love and respect my partner of 40 years, as we came to terms with the practical challenges of living together in a bubble under lockdown rules. For many, I know this has been a challenge and for us, considering some devastating challenges we faced at the end of 2019 ( a story for another day), I remain humbled by the support and faith she still places in me to build a better tomorrow. I can't begin this journey also without a thought for my daughter, who has been the kindest most compassionate soul, in what have been very dark times.

  2. As the Covid crisis began, it saw me making notes, as the pandemic moved relentlessly through populations around the world. It was always my view, that the next war would be biological rather than conventional, but what I hadn't considered, is that there was a new influencing factor in play, social media. I watched in disbelief as governments that should have known better, arrogantly ignored the warnings, to avoid impact on economic activity. Covid-19, has changed things forever in my view. I'm not saying we won't come to terms with it, but in coming to terms, we are going to have to rethink some of the structural society norms.

As I begin this journey, I have no idea how many people will join me along the way, but I felt if only for my sanity, I would get some of my thoughts out of my head and onto the page.. I am humble enough to know that my thoughts are just that, 'my thoughts'. However, you will never read anything here that I do not believe to be true and has not been researched to the best of my ability. If it's one thing I do respect, it's that we all have a right to an opinion and regardless of how much I may disagree, I will always respect your right to tell me exactly what you think..

So where to start? What better than to stick your nose in someone else's business! Having spent happy times visiting the US for both business and pleasure, I have to admit that I am absolutely fascinated in what I have come to coin 'The Cult of Trump'. Over the past nearly four years, I have watched in horror, as he dismantled the political establishment, kidnapped the Republican Party whilst normalising bare faced lies. Effectively, he has built a personal thiefdom, whilst creating unprecedented division and presiding over a nation tearing itself apart over racial justice. At the same time, national security is clearly under threat from Russia and for some inexplicable reason, Trump refuses to address it.

So here we are at the bottom of the hill, on a journey that will hopefully allow me to look at the US Election from the outside. In the interests of transparency, were I an American citizen, I would be a registered Democrat. There it is, I have said it, so let the love begin from one half, while the other half threaten to hunt me down and kill my children.

In 2008, I have to admit that when Barack Obama won the election, I cried. Yes you heard me right, I cried. Like much of the world, I saw it as a historic moment that could begin a change in America that would lead to a more equitable society, or as republicans would laughably describe it, 'socialism'. It's a sad indictment on a society, when offering some help to those who may have hit hard times is called 'socialism'. Social responsibility is NOT socialism. Nobody can tell me that tent cities are the product of socially responsible policy. I could go on, but I'll stop for now.

Obama spoke to me because his whole being exuded hope. 'Yes we can' was something I could relate to and you could almost touch the hope he instilled in a nation. The tears of attendees on election night were tears of hope and joy. How naive I was, and in some ways I think he was too. He was about to embark on a journey on which he was in some ways destined to fail America had a BLACK President and I had totally underestimated the endemic racism that festered in the great halls of power. His shoulders were about to be burdened by the hope of every minority, unrepresented and unheard citizen. Oh and just to add some interest, there had been a global financial crash, leaving the American economy on the edge. Welcome Mr President.His time as president is something I want to talk about, but right now, there are more pressing matters. THE 2020 ELECTION. For the record and so there can be absolutely no doubt as to my position, I think Donald J Trump is a vile, morally corrupt, incompetent 'nut job', as he likes to describe others. There, I feel much better for that.

Whilst I think Joe Biden is a nice guy and made a great wing man for President Obama, he was not my first choice (not that I had one). I was rooting for Pete Buttigieg, if only because I couldn't pronounce his surname! I think it would have breathed a breath of fresh air into proceedings. As you will come to know about me, I don't support anything unless I honestly believe in it. To this end I spent some considerable time listening to him and watching him grow into a viable candidate. It was quite scary, because I got to know how his speech writers cut and pasted talking points to meet policy announcements. He was articulate, empathetic and above all willing to listen and learn. It didn't hurt that he had done a tour of service too. However, I had to admit subconsciously, that America was not yet ready for a gay president. What does that say? What it tells me, is that despite a veneer of acceptance, underneath, lies a festering prejudice, not only against the LGBGT community, but in some cases against women and people of colour holding office, let alone the office of president. So it's safe to say, prejudice and bigotry is alive and well in US politics. In fairness, we are not exempt here in the UK either.

So, what next I hear you ask? Well, I want to bring together a series of politicsrus social media channels to not only share my written words, but to inject some imagery and visuality to my messages. In my former life I spent over a decade in music production, so understand the impact of a good tune and some visuals. I am blessed to have access to some great production tools to help me express myself beyond these words. In addition I have a great idea for a podcast which I am very excited about. So, that's the plan. It's my aim to post each day and throw some good humour in for good measure, so let me begin with this simple but effective image;

That's it for today, thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon. It's gong to take me a few days to bring everything together, so please bear with me.


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