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Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hello my friends, many apologies for the lack of a thought of the day for the past few days. After a month of hard work in the background from me and my small band of volunteers, we are finally at launch day for the soft launch point of our Collective Voice project.

I don't want to give too much away in advance, but these changes to the Politicsrus organisational model, will ensure we deliver more visual content each week and provide an expanding space for resisters to meet and have access to some fantastic new resources to help with their own messaging.

I had a great response to my last news update, with people sending me DMs saying they wanted to help and volunteer for this next step in the evolution of the Politicsrus project. Thanks to all who reached out. I have replied to most, but rest assured I WILL contact everybody. This has now become my sole focus and I am convinced that with your help over the coming months, we can have a well oiled messaging machine that can really make a difference in the 2022 mid terms. We have already started working with some Florida Democrats as part of our initial engagement with real life campaigns and I am confident that we can replicate this in other parts of the country, so volunteers will be vital to building momentum. We want to take the concept that the power lay in your Retweet finger to make a messaging difference and all will be revealed in the project launch.

This has been and remains is a massive undertaking. We can't achieve our goals without the backing of the resister community. I am confident that over the past 9 months, through relentless effort and hard work, we have delivered some excellent thought provoking content and hopefully, through my daily thoughts, I personally have established the credibility to warrant your continued support. I realise as the person heading this up, I have high ambitions, but nobody ever got anywhere without throwing their heart and soul into what they believe. This is no longer a hobby, its a mission and I'm hoping and praying you are with me on it.

The resources that are being put in place, will form the foundations of a well oiled messaging machine that delivers videos, graphics, a library of key articles and web links to help better inform and serve as a resource for those that want to better present their own messaging and as a result, achieve better reach. It's not a vanity project, it's a carefully considered opportunity to create a 'virtual movement for change'.

I want to thank you for your patience as we finally get this initial soft launch over the line this evening. I'll be presenting my proposal in detail along with a video featuring the words of William Shakespeare, who's birth and death we celebrate this month, linking his words with the state of US politics today. This will be followed with a further video on Saturday 'Don't Give Up', celebrating the fact that we stand together with the black community at this challenging time and that we won't give up on the fight for racial justice and police reform, not to mention voter rights. There is some fantastic content heading your way over the coming week as part of our bid to promote #CollectiveVoice I for one am very excited about what we can achieve.

We have a mission statement that will guide our progress and development over the coming months;

Politicsrus is an organisation that supports policy to address climate change and promote Democratic values. In pursuit of a more equitable society, we support racial, social and economic justice. We believe in police reform, a $15 minimum wage and healthcare for all. For us, this is not a liberal wish list, it's a set of attainable goals that can be met in any modern democracy.

This is a simple value statement that will be our guiding light. As the late great John Lewis said 'My philosophy is very simple, when you see something that is not right, not fair, not just. Stand up, say something. Speak up and speak out'. As resisters, we are in the business of 'getting into good trouble, necessary trouble'. Should you be in any doubt as to our commitment to the cause, I invite you to read any tweet from the @politicsrus timeline and tell me if our messaging from Tweets, to blog posts and video content, does not represent everything that John Lewis spent his life fighting for and spilled blood for?

If you have any doubt as to why politicsrus is an important part of the political conversation, I would suggest you take a close look at the current GOP messaging strategy. There is NO policy whatsoever, their only goal is to instil fear and division, with a carefully constructed narrative around resurrecting the big lie through so called ballot audits. They understand the value of promoting 'white replacement' and the demonisation of Black Lives Matter. If you want an example of how agile their messaging machine is, look at the last 24 hours and the Kamala Harris book saga. With no regard for truth, the GOP messaging machine exploded into action based on a bare faced lie. It grabbed the news cycle by the throat with the help of right wing media and social media outlets and this will continue relentlessly.

Make no mistake, this is not a policy war, this is a war being fought on the battlefield of racial hatred and white supremacist dogma. If you add the census boundary changes and gerrymandering, along with a coordinated state legislative program of voter suppression in 43 states, you are potentially sleepwalking into the most corrupt power grab in US history. Dem messaging is slow to respond and frankly inept. Being in power guarantees nothing, unless you can convince the electorate that you can deliver them a better life. To do that, you need an agile effective messaging machine that focuses on achievement, whilst at the same time exposing the opposition for what they are and the damage they will do to the US if they are allowed back in power. This is a complex and demanding messaging challenge and I have seen little evidence that the Dems have the expertise to deliver it.

I have made some great friends on this journey, people I have come to respect and admire for their commitment to a better, fairer, more equitable society. I am grateful to everyone that has taken the time and effort to follow me. I like to think that people follow because they like what they have seen in a video or a post. It's now time to test the true meaning of the term 'follower'. Tomorrow, I'll make my case for driving this potential transformational project forward. Then it's over to you. As the saying goes, 'You can take a horse to water, but you can't make it drink'. This is a people thing. If I walk down the street with a crowd behind me, I'm leading a movement. If I walk down the street one my own, I'm just a guy out for a walk. The next step of this journey is in your hands.


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