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No organisation like ours can operate without a dedicated band of volunteers, so we are on the lookout. Our mission statements drives everything we do, so the first thing you have to ask yourself before putting your hand up is, do your views align broadly with ours?

Politicsrus is an organisation that supports policy to address climate change and promote Democratic values. In pursuit of a more equitable society, we support racial, social and economic justice. We believe in police reform, a $15 minimum wage and healthcare for all. For us, this is not a liberal wish list, it's a set of attainable goals that can be met in any modern democracy.


If we are are on the same page then let's talk business. We recognise that strength lies in numbers and that is why we are encouraging people to join our Collective Voice Project. We believe that together we are stronger, because the road ahead is going to be tough. We are taking on one of the most effective negative messaging machines in modern history. The GOP has no policies, all they have is obstruction and division. They can't win an election on a level playing field, so they are making a big push to disenfranchise those that would vote against them.

Our job is to deliver high quality messaging to counter their negativity whilst at the same time, telling a message of hope and transformational change. 

We are already working with some Florida Dems to help them with visual messaging and we want to expand our reach to help other organisers in other parts of the country. We have a new piece of technology coming on-stream soon that will revolutionise visual messaging, so it's our aim to have built a network of organisers that will be able to tap into that resource to give their candidates a better chance. 

If you'd like to get involved, simply click on the button below

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