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Calico Jack
Jun 16, 2021
In General Discussions
Howdy y'all! Like most of you, I was pretty excited find this site! It seems like a great idea: a hub for like minded progressives to gather and social media together. Who doesn't like whiling away the hours reading politics and social mediaing? And, like most of you, I waited for it to start. I was heartened when Louise started writing blog posts and encouraged by Martin's notices of progress. And, I waited for some kind of official something to happen to let me know that it was okay to post to the forum and write my own blog posts and stuff. That is until I realized that there was no reason to wait. If we're going to be a part of this website, we're going to need to help Martin and the others out by breathing life into it. It won't ever be perfect. It won't ever be finished. But, like our democracy, it will be stronger if we use it. We've got to get active here on the site if we want to be anything more than just passive users of it. But, like democracy, websites like this don't grow and thrive on passivity. We have to be active participants. Can we do the following: Read the blog posts that have been published. I see that some of them have a couple dozen visits, can we get them to a hundred? Like the blog posts. Blogging is a lonely business. Seeing the number of visits is great, but a like better, and a comment is gold. Let the writers know you're here, reading their words, and liking what you see. Share the blog posts on social media. Help get new readers to the site. It only takes a second to click the social media share button. Post something to the forum. We all watch Maddow on the regular, right? Did you see the segment on Jeff Bezos and Amazon tonight? Perfect fodder for a forum discussion. What do y'all think? Is there anyone out there listening, reading, thinking... responding? Huzzah! Jack

Calico Jack

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