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We shall overcome

Three simple words, but they became an anthem for the civil rights movement. Who would have thought we would have to resurrect them in 2021? As the world watches on in disbelief, state legislators don't give a damn what the world thinks. For them, this is about power regardless of cost. It would take a braver man than I to say, it's an offence to give water to a someone exercising their constitutional right to vote. Yet, that is now the law in Georgia. How can the US retain any international credibility in light of such a law? Were this occuring in Russia, the US would be making representation to the United Nations.

Did the bible say "When I was thirsty, you arrested me?" I think not. We could treat this as a joke, which is what will eventually be said of it, but right now it is NOT a joke, it's a reality. It is one of a set of measures carefully calculated to target minority voters, with the intent of discouraging them from voting.

The 2020 election proved that even in at a time when you had to put your life on the line to vote, more people than ever did so. Minority communities stood up and said ENOUGH, this tyranny has to stop. In response, the GOP has decided to double down on the tyranny and remove opportunities for anyone who might want to vote for a fairer more equitable America. In Georgia, these new laws mean that almost 200,000 Georgians now fall foul of ID requirements. If only 10% of these voters just gave up because of that requirement, that's effectively the GOP 20,000 votes to the good. Even if only 1% were discouraged, that's 2,000 votes. In a tight race that is more than enough to tip the balance. It does not take a rocket scientist to see the benefit to the Republican Party.

In a country where it's harder to do almost anything at an equitable level if you are member of a minority community, from accessing a pharmacy, to getting a loan, to being treated fairly by law enforcement, to becoming a board member, these new laws are just more attempts to segregate non-whites. Let me tell you governor Kemp and any governor that shares your objective at the behest of the GOP, these communities are strong, they are people of faith and they have already spilt blood for the democracy that has given you to the tools to suppress their voices. They have fought and died alongside white folk, they teach your children, they serve in every frontline service that allows your communities to enjoy life. It is their blood sweat and tears, as many of them work in slave labor low paid jobs, that allow you to live in your gated neighbourhoods, protected from the threat you say THEY pose to you. Have you no shame?

The corporate wealth of America would not exist were it not for their back breaking work. The good, decent and honest white people of this nation will NOT allow you to silence their voice, they will NOT let that happen. We the people, will stand shoulder to shoulder with them. We will expend every effort, to counter every measure you take to silence them. We will shout from the highest mountain to expose your racism, we will boycott any corporation that gives you money to support your racist intent. WE ARE AMERICA and we will not allow you to resurrect our dark and shameful past, to satisfy your lust for power.

In 2022 we will place our bodies and our democratic values between them and your attempts to prevent them reaching the polls. We will raise an army of resisters to guard and promote their right to to be heard and we will give them water and sustenance on the voting lines. Every step you take to silence them will be met with the resounding battle cries of those that hold the true values of this nation close to our hearts. THEY WILL BE HEARD, NO MATTER THE COST.

GOD BLESS AMERICA and the diversity that makes this nation who we are.


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