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Want to make a positive contribution?

Over the past couple of months, a lot has been going on at Politicsrus HQ, as we have started to build an infrastructure to support a 'virtual movement for change'. We believe it's time to make some 'good trouble, necessary trouble' and we would really like you to join us.

I want to keep this brief, as the full announcement will be made tomorrow, but we are embarking on creating a resister community to act as a collective voice for positive change. Let me be clear, this is NOT a community in competition with the excellent resister rooms, which play such an important part in amplifying Democratic messaging and helping candidates raise their profile. It is not a space to amplify individual community member posts, but rather a space to come together as a collective voice to amplify key policy messaging.

The community will have a policy board with representation from members with life experience in each important policy area. From racial equality, to police reform, to transgender and LGBTQ rights, we want representation for ALL policy areas. It's about creating an inclusive community that believes that an equitable society where nobody is left behind, should be a right not a reward. We believe that your retweet finger is the most powerful vehicle to help bring about change. The GOP is about to embark upon the most co-ordinated campaign of disinformation and voter suppression in American history. The question is, how do we counter it? We believe that a collective voice for Democratic values is the answer.

We're looking for volunteers as well as community members, so if you would like to be involved at the inception of this project for change, please DM @politicsrus4 and someone will come back to you to discuss what you can do to help.

Tomorrow will see the beginning of a ramp up of visual messaging from us, with a new video released at 7pm ET. At the same time, we will release our full proposition for this new project. It's time for virtual organising to dovetail with the Democratic ground game, to help deliver a more equitable society. We have to stop being passive with GOP social media campaigns designed to instil fear and division. Is this an ambitious goal? Hell yes. Your retweet finger is all you need to help make a difference.


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