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Thought of the day Sunday

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Good morning brothers and resister sisters. As we prepare for a new week, I feel there is much to be happy about. It's always easy to find yourself in the weeds of political despair and frustration, especially after the last four years.

What I admire about Joe Biden is his steady, but absolute commitment to get the job done and to do it with sincerity and humility. I said at the outset, it was important for him to stay focused on the goals, amidst all the noise and disruption that the the GOP would attempt to throw out there to distract.

The opportunity to make a real difference is now in Biden's hands and I have no doubt he knows that. The GOP has absolutely nowhere to go, as Biden drives around their Washington base and appeals direct to Republican voters to offer support for what he's doing. It's straight out of the Trump playbook and it is effective. He is in a position, where he uses his public platform to redirect the administration's messaging through traditional mainstream media. His communications team, is then taking care of social media. Finally, the resister community generally has his back in the harder to reach areas of social media

I have said many many times, going big would provide a opportunity to address longstanding social inequalities and lay the foundations for substantive change. As we know now, Joe can walk and chew gum at the same time, so his hint now at Infrastructure, is preparing the ground for the next big step and is a critical part of blocking out opportunities for the GOP in 2022.

Biden stands on the brink of being the most popular man in America, as families begin to benefit immediately from the ARP. Theres nothing better to create that feel good feeling than a few dollars in the bank, allowing Americans to catch up on bills and commitments they haven't been able to meet during the crisis.

From an economic standpoint, it will inject money back into the economy, as those who have been holding back on spending, feel more comfortable to buy a few of the items they avoided buying because of the uncertainty that the crisis had delivered.

Biden knows and is absolutely focused on vaccination, because without the required herd immunity, he can't fully engage the economy. His emotional appeal for the help of the American people to engage in the vaccination program, is not just emotional, it is very practical. I find it incredulous, that there is still a large segment of people who will hinder that objective by rejecting vaccination. Even when they are being offered an opportunity for FREE to get back to a normal life, they are standing in the way of progress.

This is NOT a civil liberties issue, it is a public health issue, but it's just another challenge amongst many that the administration faces in their quest to deliver normality back to the American people.


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