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Thought of the day Saturday

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Good morning friends. As we amble into another weekend, we face the good, the bad and the ugly. On the good news front, the vaccination effort steps up and Joe Biden makes an emotional plea to Americans to help him try and control the spread of the virus variants, as he does his best to bring forward the date by which all Americans will be eligible for a vaccination.

This moves us onto the bad. For some reason, people just can’t help themselves. Tell them we’re almost there and instead of doing the right thing and playing their part, they abandon common sense and throw caution to the wind, going on spring break or fully opening states for business etc. It is out and out madness, selfish and stupid. The problem is, that death numbers don’t mean anything to anyone anymore. The deaths have become an acceptable price to pay to avoid inconvenience. Just think about that for a moment, it’s OK for others to die, just so you are not inconvenienced. That truly is ugly.

If ever you needed evidence that messaging can be fatal, just cast your mind back to Trump telling Americans it was nothing to worry about and not to let it dominate your lives. It was the single most deadly statement in modern history.

Much is said about people being encouraged to take their own lives by people trolling them on social media. It’s considered criminal, but Trump did exactly that and to make matters worse, it has been subsequently amplified by Republican governors like Abbott and DeSantis, with deadly consequences.

The continued disregard for human life by Republicans is breathtaking and deadly. It’s reached the point where Republicans have normalised early death, in the same way they normalised lying while in office. The emotional and mental devastation this has caused is unconscionable and an affront to decency, not to mention flying in the face of their pro-life mantra.

Aside from the economic carnage they left behind as a direct result of their incompetence in handling the pandemic, the catastrophic loss of life should be a stain on their political reputation forever.

Joe is giving Americans hope that by 4 July some sense of normality is possible, so mask up & stay safe. This weekend payments are already starting to show as pending in people's bank accounts, within 48 hours of bill being signed into law. That's what you call getting it done. Biden wasn't distracted by trips to the golf course and the only drama coming from the White House is Major biting a member of the security team.

Even then, immediate action was taken to exile the dog. The good news is, Major is returning to the White House after sitting on the bad dog step for a little while. Even man's best friend can be benched!

Let's speak tomorrow shall we?


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