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Thought of the day Friday

Good morning my friends. As we move towards the end of another week, Joe will be relieved to have signed the American Rescue Plan into law. It is without doubt a HUGE win for the administration, which leaves the Republicans in the unenviable position of having to trash it at the same time as their supporters are receiving checks. We have already seen examples of them writing to their constituents attempting to take credit for payments that not one single one of them voted for.

The only line Mitch McConnell has, is that it’s a radical left package that delivers on a wish list of left wing demands. The problem he has, is that those so called left wing demands are being viewed as essential steps, to compensate average Americans for the suffering they have endured, at the hands of an incompetent previous administration. McConnell is right to say, these are radical steps, because for the first time, a huge giveaway is being given to the American people and NOT to corporate fat cats. That IS truly is radical.

What people need to remember, is the huge tax giveaway in 2017, actually had the effect of leaving the US exposed when the pandemic hit. Just stop and think about this for a moment. In 2017 the trillions poured into corporate America, left companies awash with cash, but instead of building rainy day funds to withstand a fiscal hit, they all went on holiday and had a good time. When the pandemic hit, despite having just two and a half years previously, been showered with your tax dollars, what did they do? Oh yes, they held out their corporate begging bowl AGAIN playing victim.

Trump did what Trump does and bent the relief in their direction with little if any oversight, resulting in a level of fraud yet to be determined. Companies that had no need for relief, gorged themselves again.

Meanwhile, the average American was left begging for scraps as the rest of the world paid their workers far more generous benefits during a crisis not of their making. So for McConnell to even open his mouth is a joke. regardless of who they voted for. That’s a big problem for the GOP.

Merrick Garland was sworn in yesterday, so all around, it was a very good day for the Democratic Party. Now comes the huge challenge from HR1. If they don’t find a way of passing it,BIG trouble is coming down the track as Republicans take the US back to the 1950s.

The ARP does for the American worker what has not been done before, it put them first and that’s a compelling story to any American.


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