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The battle lines are drawn

Let's begin this little ditty by making one clear unambiguous statement. THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF VOTER FRAUD. It is a strange world in which despite numerous investigations, commissions, endless recounts and much shouting, one man tells a big lie and it becomes the truth, in the parallel universe that is the GOP.

In a country that has attacked nations for their failure to deliver democracy, it is astounding to me, that state legislators are embarking on a relentless campaign to obstruct democracy. In the electoral landscape, evolution is always taking place and political parties have to adapt to attract people to vote for them. Since when is it acceptable to, rather than appeal to the voters, to simply restrict access to the ballot box for those that might vote against you? These are the actions of a banana republic, not a modern democracy.

As if to spit in the face of common decency, Georgia state legislators have passed a law to make it an offence to offer water to those standing in line to vote. What possible legal justification can there be for this law? Let me try and explain. It will enable state officials to police voting lines looking for violations. This police presence will provide the the legal justification for the intimidation of voters. These measures have been very carefully calculated to target minority voters. Overbearing ID measures for postal ballots will increase in person voting, Limitation of drop boxes will increase in person voting. The hope is, minority communities will just not want to participate in the process. It is a disgusting and despicable calculation that I hope with all my heart, explodes in their face.

Trumpism exposed a chasm which has gone on to divide a nation to the point where one side, was prepared to accept a dictatorship to retain power. That is not me exaggerating, it is the plain and simple truth. Had the laws being enacted by red states today, been in place in 2020, then the will of the people would have counted for nothing and Trump would have remained in office. Now if you don't find that terrifying, can I respectfully suggest you seek medical help?

In 2020, the Republican Party did not have a new platform, they simply ran on a 'more of the same' offering. I can tell you here and now, had Trump been reelected, the Covid Crisis would NOT be under control and the campaign of 'political cleansing', would be raging throughout the nation. What the GOP are attempting to do here with these 1050s voting measures, is calculated and comes with the blessing of the party leadership. It is an openly racist agenda that the party is happy to talk about and promote.

Be in absolutely no doubt, that it is the intention of the Republican Party to move heaven and earth to put their thumb on the electoral scale, in an all out effort to win back the Senate in 2022. It will be a measure of US society's commitment to democracy that will determine if they succeed. I have to tell you here and now, I am worried, I am deeply worried. It will mean that regardless of how well Biden gets America back on track and builds the foundations for a better more equitable society, they will have to fight the 2022 campaign carrying a huge handicap, that may prove too much to succeed.

The battle lines are drawn my friends, it's up to you. What are YOU going to do?


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