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Returning to the warm embrace

After my long absence building my new geo-visual messaging system, it's great to be able to return to what I love doing, creating emotionally connective political messaging that I hope will make a difference in 2022.

When you've been doing what I've been doing, there is little time for thought and contemplation, but life marches on and the political imperative moves closer and closer as the mid-terms approach. In every action movie there is a villain and no truer so than in this epic struggle for the heart and soul of America. I have still not seen ONE Republican stand up and say 'If we win back control of the Senate in 2022, this is what we are going to do to improve the every day lives of Americans', not ONE. I've heard many stand up and say we won't support this and we won't support that. We can't sanction spending money when the deficit (that they created) is so big. The lack of a platform or a policy agenda is all the evidence that you need to tell you, the only plan they have is to make the rich richer and further enslave low paid American workers that are the engine of American wealth.

The continued moves to disenfranchise minority voters is no longer something that is quietly undertaken in the shadows, it is done in the glaring sunlight, as they proudly claim it is an honest attempt to protect the electoral system from 'voter fraud' that simply does NOT exist. Inquiry after inquiry has detected no noticeable fraud and any nominal fraud that has occurred was equally split between both parties. This is the new era of fantasy messaging born under the former guy, as he came to realise, truth has no place in modern day American politics. It is a shocking and disturbing new dawn, in which the big lie, alternative facts and reality have been introduced to the American voter. Honour, integrity and decency have been stripped from democracy and she now stands covering her modesty with nothing but a tear rolling down her cheek and a look of fear in her eyes, as her GOP assailant, moves to assault her AGAIN.

In a two party system, you are in deep trouble when one of those parties goes rogue and decides that the sanctity of the right to vote, means as little as a woman's right to have control of her own body, both of which have become integral to GOP political doctrine. When an ideology puts greed and wealth before the medical welfare of the people, and vaccination outreach to children for ALL preventable and dangerous childhood illness are removed. My question to you is this. WHO ARE THESE MONSTERS? They have no policy, no intent to work for the good of the American people. All they have is obstruction, hatred of anyone considered not of their tribe and a willingness to sacrifice every moral code to gain power. This is not a party, McCarthy and McConnell are effectively political war lords who want to rule the country not govern it for the common good of the people.

The GOP voter suppression campaign, is a long planned carefully calculated strategy, designed to change the face of the electoral process forever. If they succeed in their aims, the Democrats can wave goodbye to any meaningful power potentially for a decade or more. There has never been a time in modern American history where so much has been on the line. They want no part of a working wage, gun reform, or affordable access to medical care, let alone an acceptance that the future is green. It is simply not who they are. Buildings will continue to collapse, bridges and infrastructure will continue to deteriorate and as for access to fast affordable Internet, you can forget about that. In their world, the laws of commodity rule. If it doesn't turn a healthy profit, it goes in the trash regardless of who or what it is. Profit is king and power is the absolute imperative.

In order to address the moral decline in politics on the right, you really MUST bring accountability to the table for the events of January 6. As things stand, the Republican view is that you can go so far as the threaten democracy itself with absolute impunity. Without doubt, malfeasance in the highest public office in the world was a central tenant of Trump's presidency. The perceived lack of action has him believing he's untouchable. I certainly don't want to pre-judge Merrick Garland's actions, as I know it's best for him to keep his cards close to his chest before arranging any charges etc. However, I do feel there is a sense of urgency required, to give the public confidence that nobody is above the law and to send out an unambiguous message to ALL lawmakers, that they WILL be held to account for any contributory action that facilitated the seditious actions of insurrectionists on that day.

The GOP absolutely needs to put January 6 to bed, because unless they do so, their new central messaging premise is under threat. They want to portray all democrats as violent thugs who want to defund the police. However, they can't do that, if they themselves remain buried in the actions of Trump supporters who went hunting lawmakers with murder on their mind. Alternative facts, have now become the norm for Republicans, to the point where they themselves are living in an alternative universe. What is truly shocking, is that they have normalised their abhorrent behaviour to the point where people are no longer outraged by it and that is a truly dangerous situation.

I really do have lots to say, but let's leave it at that for today. I have really missed sharing my thoughts and am really excited to sit down again each day and let you know what I'm thinking in a five minute bitesize chunk of reading. My newly planned schedule will see a minimum of one new video each week from now on. I'll be playing an active role in commentating daily and retweeting stuff that I feel is important to share.

Thanks for stopping by and stay safe out there.


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