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Welcome everyone. It's good to see you. Twitter was our sort of blind date. This blog however, gives us a chance to get to know each other a little better.

I will be posting here every day with my thoughts on the state of US and sometimes UK politics. Here, you'll be able to find out about upcoming content releases and my wider views on topics I've discussed on Twitter. Vigorous debate is what makes politics the dynamic subject it is, so feel free to disagree or agree as vigorously as you like. Swear words don't offend me and have a place to accent a post. I have to admit though, it can get a bit boring when used too much.

I've taken a decision to go all in on creating a space for people to say what they feel. The objective of the blog is to fight for a better America through the the seeking of truth, decency and integrity. If all goes to plan, I intend it launch a podcast to accompany this blog. It will be more a lighthearted, but hard hitting weekly outlet to share mine and your views. You'll be able to record thoughts to be included and I'll produce it all for the wider community. I am excited to start this new journey with friends, some new and some with me from the outset. Let's do it and create a resource that people look to for quality debate and discussion.

Where do we start?

Who would have thought we would be discussing the president of the United States inciting insurrection that would lead to the storming of the Capital Building in Washington? I watched in horror as it unfolded, but it was not until footage circulated on 7 January that I truly got a grasp on how utterly outrageous it was. My Seditious conspiracy clip was created from my response to the footage available on 7 January

There were 2 things that astounded me about the events of that day. Firstly, that the rally Trump held was held on the taxpayer dollar and secondly, the non existent security arrangements. Let's remind ourselves what happened when Black Lives Matter protested peacefully in Washington in June 2020 and Trump wanted a photo opportunity. The police response was brutal and uncompromising. In comparison, it appears a seditious mob were assisted by some errant police offices. It is very important to note however, that this appears to have been a small minority of officers. The majority of police, overwhelmed by protesters, carried out their duties to the best of their ability in fear for their lives and for the lives of those they were charged to protect. Indeed, they were praised by elected members and their staff for keeping them safe and evacuating them, in the most challenging of circumstances.

Let's not dress this up in fancy clothes. This was a potential mass casualty event where members of Congress and the Vice President of the United States could have been murdered. I can hear the voices already screaming 'stop being sensationalist'. To those people, I would say, watch the footage of protesters screaming 'hang Mike Pence'.

I have no words to express how I feel at the president refusing to fly the American flag half staff above the White House, as a mark of respect for Brian D. Sicknick, the fallen US Capitol Police officer. This, along with his refusal to publicly speak to his death and the death of 4 other people, is beyond reprehensible. Instead, he decided to issue a video statement praising the thugs.

Anyone watching the events that occurred, could not fail to understand that this was the culmination of decades of the GOP shifting further and further to the right. Trump became the sprinkle of extreme right magic dust, that unleashed the dogs of war and gave a large underbelly of racists hiding in plain sight, permission to come out and play.

America is at a crossroads at which, a major political party, has evolved into one happy to accept and promote a frightening agenda. An agenda of authoritarian dictatorial rule. This is NOT sensationalism, this is FACT. Even after the storming of the seat of democracy, Republicans, still stood up and advocated for overturning the will of the people, then went on to promote that ANTIFA were responsible for the actions of their own thugs. This is a cancer, at the heart of government and the textbook tactics of dictators. The seat of government has been poisoned by seditious actors. If no action is taken, this will eat America alive, as has Covid 19. The Republican message machine has convinced 71 million people that decency, honesty and integrity is radical socialism.

This is as dangerous as was the rise of fascism in Germany, no matter how you dress it up. Joe Biden, his experience and love of his nation is all that stands between the casting aside of the weak and the vulnerable, again reminiscent of the ‘master race’ objectives of the Nazis. Their herd immunity policy, was effectively a calculated attempt at a culling of the vulnerable. It IS textbook reckless negligent homicide. This is what we are facing friends.

Trump has proved, he is prepared to stop at nothing. He was prepared to instigate a seditious insurrection that led to the storming of the Capital Building and the murder of a policeman. It demonstrated again, Trump’s blatant disregard for human life, in pursuit of power. All we seem to be hearing from Republicans right now, is the suggestion that it’s time to move on and work together to repair the country THEY tore apart. The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. Before America can move on, there MUST be accountability for all the dreadful wrongs done to democracy in America. Whilst I give the matter more thought and consideration, it makes sense to me to impeach. I am happy to go with any action that will result in his disqualification from holding future public office.. I think this represents a vital FIRST STEP, before moving on to other criminal matters and malfeasance. There must be NO ESCAPE for the enablers and co-conspirators. All must be held to account for their participation and their seditious acts. Instead of mourning the loss of followers on social media, let’s try mourning the loss of over 375,00 Americans and the loved ones they left behind.

These have been a traumatic few days for everyone and I have much more to say in the examination of what led us to this infamous moment in American history. Join me tomorrow as I discuss the Covid 19 Humanitarian disaster it has created in the US.

I'm trying to keep these posts to bitesized commentaries, I can always write more, but I find less is often more. However, please feel free to let me know. If you want more, or have some thoughts of your own you would like to share, I am more than happy to share them here as a blog feature or you can use comments. Please see this as a collective space for good. We all inhabit the same world and whilst we may disagree. There should be no such thing as the unheard. So thanks for taking the time to visit. See you again tomorrow.


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Martin McSweeney
Martin McSweeney
10 ene 2021


Me gusta

Indecisive or delayed reaction to this attack sends entirely the wrong message. A bully only sees weakness in negotiation or inability to respond. Action must be strong and swift. Leaders who cannot see they are giving this fungus time to grow may need to be replaced next election cycle. This is no time for weakness, faint hearts or wringing of hands. They must act now.

Me gusta
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