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It all comes back to the same problem

Good afternoon friends. Another later than usual thought for the day. I am hoping tomorrow to shift back to a morning post. I've just had a really busy week with the launch of politicsrus in the US.

It seems to to be a sad fact, that all roads lead back to racism. We could spend days discussing it and get no further. This is because racism is so malignant in society that it literally touches every aspect of daily life. To address it, you have to be prepared to admit there is a problem. We all remember hearing the former AG saying, he did not believe there was a problem with systemic racism.

When Trump took up residence in the White House, what was previously present but unspoken, was dragged into the sunlight and given encouragement to speak up. I'm still trying to work out if this is useful, in the sense that it's not hidden anymore? Racism is increasingly spoken out loud with impunity, even by Republican lawmakers. Forget what nationality you are, there is absolutely nothing to be gained from racism but to hurt someone. Only now, it's been taken a step further and politically weaponised. The Republican Party has picked up the ball and run with it, in the hope that there's enough nationalist sentiment out there to raise money and votes from it.

Black lives matter to the Republican Party, because it helps raise money from white racist supporters. I listened wide mouthed yesterday, to Rep Chip Roy (R-Texas). What a totally appropriate name, as he seems to have a real racist 'chip' on his shoulder. It seems the virus Trump has infected these idiots with, means they just can't help saying their racist thoughts out loud. In a debate on violence against Asian Americans, he threw in the mandatory, southern border trafficking and lets talk about 'last week's rioting and looting' oh I'm sorry 'last summer', he was clearly struggling with his racist timeline.

Any decent human being would have parked those thoughts and focused on the issue of the debate. However instead, he used the age old GOP deflection tactics to say, 'I know you've broke your leg, but I've broken both of mine'. That was disrespectful, but the best was yet to come. I quote, 'There's old sayings in Texas about, find all the rope in Texas and get a taller tree'. So let's get this straight, in the middle of a debate to condemn the targeting of a minority community, a holder of public office was making reference to lynching. Was he somehow suggesting that in the good ole days, they knew what justice was all about?. His argument was, that the hearing was venturing into the policing of rhetoric. THERE SHOULD BE NO NEED TO POLICE THAT TYPE OF RHETORIC, IT SIMPLY SHOULD NOT EXIST. However, thanks to people like this idiot, it is still being perpetuated.

As a direct result of the racist rhetoric of his great leader, the Asian American community have been the victims of relentless abuse and physical attacks even resulting in murder. There's nothing big about attacking a community because you want to make them part of your big lie. This approach of hate the other guy, because he or she is not like you, is bullshit. I don't want to be an intellectually deficient fat bloke, with bad hair and an inability to string a cohesive sentence together thanks. I'm quite happy being who I am, be that gay, transgender, black brown or any other attribute that makes me different. I just want to look at someone and see a person and an equal. It costs me not a cent.


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