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In the aftermath of events

After burying myself in the history of Texan power, it's interesting to resurface and evaluate the public response. The pain that has been caused for some, is heartbreaking. It has resulted in loss of life, massive property damage and a real need to take a long hard look at the energy independence strategy of the state. There has been much boasting of cheap power as a result of light touch regulation. However, take look at this piece from Texas Coalition for Affordable Power from October 2014. It reads like a blueprint for corporate enrichment, whist hiding behind the protection of the Texas State legislature. Texas residents are living under a pseudo state criminal enterprise when it comes to power. I would say that if you were to forensically examine Texas state government's relationship with corporate interests, you would find some chilling relationships.

Texas government appears to be the archetypal 'old boys network' and I imagine, being a woman inside the organisation is not an easy ride. I suspect the reason Rick Perry doesn't want any government interference, is because of what they would discover in any due diligence exercise. The fat cats have had it so good for so long, they believe it is their God given right to exploit their position of power. Like all arrogant so called, big players, as they like to see themselves, they are quick to criticise others. However, they show zero humility when they are forced to ask for help themselves. Ted Cruz and other Republicans attacks on California, during their fight against fatal wildfires, was nothing short of disgraceful. The safety of People was secondary to scoring political points. It's like a Republican thiefdom providing rich pickings for a select few. Of course Greg Abbott has committed to carrying out a full investigation. He needs to head it up to make sure the truth never sees the light of day. Republicans in Texas have brainwashed their population into thinking that any outsiders are the enemy. This stops them looking at those perpetrating the real crime.

The Texas problem is not going away anytime soon. With millions without water. Property damage and a 'boil water' notice that will need to be in place for days to come, pain will endure. Paramount at this time is public safety, as heartbreaking stories emerge of houses burning down, water damage and devastation for many who have no insurance. Failed leadership has resulted in power infrastructure not being weatherised, as had been recommended, following the last major weather event in 2011.

If a governor fails to act on public safety recommendations, it is an insight into the respect state government has for those it represents. It seems to me, that Texas take the concept of small government to a whole new level. It appears to be non existent when it comes to providing Texan's with support. Their position appears to be 'You're on your own'. Governor Abbott has no choice but to ask for help from the very federal government he wants to keep out of their business. Like all capitalist ventures, the state is never reluctant to take a handout, whist at the same time demonising 'handout's to the vulnerable'. It's much the same as 'pro-life' Republicans want to protect the life of the unborn child, then vilify the single mom as a scourge on society once the baby is born. Imagine if Texas had been a blue state under Trump, they would have got nothing but insulting tweets from the president, as he demonstrated when California was forced to ask for his help during their time of critical need.

As for Ted Cruz, which part of his tiny little mind, though that while his constituents were facing freezing conditions, burst pipes and water shortages, it would be a great time to take a family holiday? I would say I just don't get it, but this is the same man that said 'let's overturn a free and fair election', or let's have some fun baiting AOC, who might I add, was raising $1 million to send to HIS constituents, while he was planning cocktails by the pool. I simply find it hard to even refer to him as a man. Even when he came to the conclusion that he had made a mistake and needed to return home, he thought it appropriate to throw his daughters under the bus, for him abandoning his constituents. He knew that was not true and yet he still went with the narrative. Did he honestly think that the press would not dig and debunk his story? It was a predictable lie, but he had been learning from the master that is the other guy. His attitude is not a one off, it's a pattern of behaviour, that has been witnessed time and time again. I have to admit that this willingness to be overtly uncaring is really disturbing.

This brings me nicely to the ongoing drama that is only a drama because the media make it so. The GOP is embarking on an attempt at reinvention, as Trump tries to reassert himself and convince the likes of Cruz and Hawley, his way is the only way. I will say once again for the benefit of anyone listening. TRUMP IS DONE, he is no longer a political force. Without a social media voice, he is simply unable to reach the base he once could. The lunatic right fringe is causing the Republican party to haemorrhage support from the centre. Whilst many of these are not crossing the aisle, they are no longer in the Republican Party. In order for the GOP to be politically viable, they have to bring together a coalition of conservatives. The Trump fringe base are NOT really Republicans, they are just a lunatic fringe. Having said that, there are a large number of them and they are supplemented by some ardent Trump supporters that I WOULD regard as more hardline traditional conservatives. These are the people that like liked his very conservative policies, but didn't have much time for the man.

The reality is, that Trump unleashed the mad family members that had previously been locked in the political cellar. Racism has never gone anywhere, Trump just gave them permission to be overtly racist without any judgement from the GOP. The split that is now taking place, must be of deep concern to Mitch McConnell. Even when Trump brought all the collective support of the new GOP which included his many cult supporters, it was still not enough to win an election. I suspect that Republicans are quietly happy they are not in charge, but McConnell can see that Biden is resonating with the American people and Republicans are paying a heavy price for their association with the cult of Trump. I've looked at this from lots of different angles and I literally can't come up with a win for the GOP in 2022. I know you'll be screaming 'Don't jinx it', but I'm not one for superstition, I'm more about pragmatic objective thinking.

I genuinely believe that Democrats stand on the edge of securing power for the next 8 years at the very least. I've heard much about being careful not to write off Trump, as he's still a danger. I completely disagree and his relative silence is a telling indicator. He is having to take a long hard look at what opportunity he has to have an impact on the future of the Republican Party. He's a snake oil salesman, but he's having to sell without being able to pitch the con to his usual millions. If it's one thing I know about the human psyche, it's that people are quick to move on and a segment of his base have already done that. Trump is reliant on his usual hardcore members like Cruz, Graham, Hawley, MTG and Lauren Boebert. Watching her doing a zoom with a collection of guns in the background, just makes her look the idiot she is. These people still have to raise cash, so they will constantly have to appeal to Trump's fringe right base to do that, but that's it, end of story.

On Monday I want to focus in some detail on why I think Dems have a real opportunity to make a difference to millions of Americans. Biden has turned up the heat on immigration policy. Whilst he is being seen as insane for doing that, I disagree. Theres nothing better to keep Republicans on their toes than bring immigration legislation to the floor. Ive said it before, Joe is a wily old fox and he rarely does anything without good reason. I have my fingers crossed that he can get Merrick Garland through the confirmation process next week. If he can do that, it will be a massive injection of talent in a key area of his team.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend and stay safe out there.


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