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How many times must this happen

Good morning friends. Today is another solemn day, as yet another mass shooting plagues America. Gun violence is as much an epidemic as Covid 19. For decades, guns have been not just a physical weapon, but a political weapon. You know you have a problem when school children are killed, but you still can't enact critical gun control measures.

Gun ownership is part of American society and as such, it is impossible to remove them from mainstream ownership. Indeed, given the second amendment, I accept that this is not a matter of the right to gun ownership, but rather who has the right to that ownership. It is simple good sense to put strict measures in place to control who is allowed to own them.

I come from a country where guns are not part of daily life, but we too have suffered from incidents of mass shootings, including one at a school. I do NOT stand in judgement, or on higher ground on this issue, given that even with the tightest of gun controls, mass shooting incidents can still occur. The difference here, is that immediately after the horror that took place Dunblane in Scotland, where 13 primary school children and their teacher were shot dead, swift government action was taken to make it much more difficult for it to happen again. As a result, those measures have been largely successful.

A survivor of that tragedy made a video in support of those affected by the Florida school shootings.

You only have to look at the visceral US reaction to this video on YouTube to understand how divisive the subject of gun control is in the US. I'm not sure there is any argument on earth that will convince some, that gun control is essential. However, what is startling to me looking in from the outside, is that guns have an unquestionable impact on American society and largely not for the better. When the answer to kids being killed in school is to arm the teachers, then you really do have a problem.

It is such an emotive subject, that over the years it hs become a political IED. Cut the wrong wire and it will blow up in your face. As if racism was not enough of a problem, gun control is on a whole new level. Public polling clearly indicates that gun control measures are very popular. You know why? Because it makes absolute sense. The question is, how do you translate that into legislation when you have lawmakers who deny mass shooting events have even taken place? For far too long, the NRA has had the Republican Party by the throat and as a result, they are prepared to use any method to block substantive gun control legislation.

In the current climate, it may be a lift too far for the Dems, but I'm interested to see how Joe Biden reacts beyond consoler in chief. Sadly in a week, it will all fade into the distance until the next tragedy and ever was it so. It is another part of the US societal jigsaw that is missing from the puzzle of common sense laws. The AR- 15 seems to be the weapon of choice for such mass shooting events. Let me try and spell this out. IT IS A WEAPON OF WAR, not a friendly security companion. There is a fracture in the psyche of a nation where these weapons are not confined to the shooting range. I understand the hunting argument, but you are unlikely to find a legitimate hunting target in a school a cinema or a grocery store, unless you are intent on murder.

Almost 40,000 people die in America each year from gun violence. That is a LOT of wasted lives. Today the gun lobby will wheel out the usual rhetoric and gun reform supporters will make their case. I'll spell this out for you, just so you know. The Republican Party is bleeding supporters at an arterial bleed level. They will NOT under any circumstances want to upset gun owners by supporting gun reform. That's the reality of 2021 politics.


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