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Consequential change (part 2)

At a time when the GOP is running around like a headless chicken, McConnell has no other option but to oppose the Biden infrastructure plan. The question is, can he hold Republicans together in opposition to a plan, that will provide much needed infrastructure upgrades in Republican states? I suspect that in the current climate, Republicans will largely stand together, so Biden will have to continue his messaging that only GOP lawmakers that are against his bill, whilst Republican voters support this much needed investment.

Right now in US politics, there is an increasing number of moving parts and Biden is doing a simply remarkable job of breaking down the issues and addressing them one by one in a calm and structured way. His obvious respect and admiration for his VP is both refreshing and inspiring. He is growing quickly into the role as Commander In Chief. I just can't say this enough, Jen Psake and her comms team are doing an absolutely stellar job. There is no better demonstration of this than here in a moment of true magic, as she delivers a precision 'Jen Bomb' guided munitions strike, on a reporter who thought he had a 'killer question'

Joking aside, this administration seems to be about discipline and calm. This in stark contrast to what the American people have endured over the last four years. Biden knows that Republicans will be forced to fight on the battlefield of no tax increases. This is why it's been very carefully framed to reassure Americans, that those earning less than £400,000 won't pay a cent more in taxes. Again, the messaging surrounding the policy is clear, focussed and will resonate with Americans of all political persuasions. It is widely accepted that corporate greed and the ever increasing gap between those that have and those that have not, is unacceptable. As a result, it is not hard to sell a tax rise on those that can more than afford it.

If you need to take a closer look at the background and thinking that drives the plan, can I suggest putting aside a little time, grabbing a coffee and reading the White House FACT SHEET? To give balance, there is plenty of press coverage on the plan, so please be sure to view the broader political response. I've done some wider reading on the plan and I thought this from AP was quite a good read.

Regardless of where you are coming to this from, the US is in desperate need of upgraded infrastructure. From roads, to bridges, to Dams, to the electricity grid, there is a glaring need and that's before we even start talking about Internet access. There is no legitimate reason to oppose it, but once it's politicised, that's when the problems begin. Let's take a look at both sides of the coin. Here's my man Pete on the subject

Now let's listen to the voice of reason from Fox and 'Mornings with Maria' (a catchy title if ever I've heard one). Here's what Kevin Brady (R - Texas) had to say on the subject.

So you can see where we're going here. For the GOP, this represents a opportunity for obstruction on steroids and you can bet your bottom dollar that this is where we are going on this. The really interesting thing, is that Biden has already constructed the bill to account for the fights ahead. Why do you think he's splitting infrastructure plans in two with further plans to be announced later this month?

In 2017, Republicans handed out tax payer dollars to Corporate America as if public finances were overflowing with the rewards from great fiscal policy. The reality is that nothing could be further from the truth. They recklessly ramped up the deficit to give away money they didn't have, to companies that didn't need it. All this on the premise that it would deliver growth and 'Make America great again'. Guess what? The benefit to the American people was ZERO, indeed as a return on investment, the taxpayer took a hit, even at a generous estimate of around a 50% loss. The only beneficiaries of this investment fraud perpetrated by Republicans, was corporate America and wealthy investors, who used the slush fund to buy back stock. I'm not sure that Mitch McConnell should be talking about trojan horses? He should be in the prison library reading about sound fiscal policy and planning.

Infrastructure is probably going to be one of the bloodiest battles in recent US political history. On the good news front, the American people are in good hands. Biden has been round the block a few times and his decades in the Senate is a pain in the ass for McConnell, as he tries to marshal his troops to defend tax increases on big corporations and the wealthy. The problem with the rich and wealthy, is that there are far fewer of them than there are everyday hard working Americans. Were I to hazard a guess, I'd say there is little public sympathy out there for those victimised rich and wealthy folk.

more to come.......

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Apr 02, 2021

In this, R-Tex Brady said he "thinks", Where Biden has taken his plan to economic accounts who verified his infrastructure payback method. I suggest that republican politicians quit "thinking" and shut their trash trap mouths and get with the program that which will restore the American middle class & democracy.

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